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MEDAIR Clinic OT Room Modification Plan Class 10,000

Help customer to create an OT room with high quality air quality environment. Particulate level can meet international standard of US Federal Cleanroom 209E Class 10,000 / IEST ISO 14644-1: ISO7.

Most of our success job has proof that we can help customer to meet the level of Class 1,000 and also Class 100. (As like as the OT Room in hospital). Our experience specialist would provide fully consult and also on progress monitoring for each job, MEDAIR wish our 100% success track record can make all our customer satisfy.


Our Job:

雅蘭中心 - 眼科診所

皇后大道中9 - 眼科診所

恆隆中心 - 眼科診所

興偉中心 - 眼科診所

衛豐中心 - 眼科診所

始創中心 - 眼科診所

彩星中心 - 眼科診所

Jordan 238 - 眼科診所

嘉賓大廈 - 眼科診所

Central Bldg. - 眼科診所

琤糽籊中j廈 - 眼科診所

彌敦道26 - 眼科診所


Zero leakage of MEDAIR HEPA Fan Box make the air in OT Room as hygiene as possible. (180 nos. of 0.3 micrometer dust particles can meet the level of international standard of US FED 209E Class 100).


Positive pressure inside the OT Room created by HVAC modification works. Long lasting  TiO2 Antimicrobial Treatment for whole OT Room. Internal purification with air treatment unit.  Air sampling and testing report issued by MEDAIR



MEDAIR 601 ElectroMed Air Treatment Unit in OT Room to provide internal air purification purpose. Not only the HVAC system may bring air pollutant inside, our human body is one of the main pollutant source that may bring into the OT Room. We need a reliable air treatment machine to perfect the whole modification works. Unlike a normal HEPA filter machine to effective remove 0.3um particles , 601 ElectroMed is effective to remove fine dust particles as small as 0.01um including bacteria and virus.

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