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MEDAIR intelligent air purifier: 4 advance Air Filtration Chamber design. (ElectroMed, MediaMed, ChemMed, CarbonMed). Not only remove the fine dust particle PM2.5 and PM10 in the air and also effective to kill a variety of microorganisms (bacteria and virus), and also to remove the bad odor and harmful toxic gases (TVOC, HCHO etc…) in air. The EP filtration chamber of ElectroMed is also as the cigarette smoke killer, this chamber can effective to

 filter out smoke particle down to 0.01um.


Under the action of the patented extreme silent Magnetic Induction power fan inside, polluted indoor air will be draw into the machine through the Nano-silver Antimicrobial Pre-filter, Filtration Chamber, photocatalyst filter (PCO) and energy saving LED UV lamp. Plasma Ion Generator then provide large amount of (+/-) ion into the indoor air and make the environment become more

 hygiene and fresh finally.


MEDAIR intelligent air purifier can get rid of Volatile Organic Compounds, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, smoke, smell, dust, germs, diseases, pollen and mites in the air and release plasma (+/-) ion and purify the air to improve the functions of lung and heart, sleeping, metabolism and immunity

 system, which is a necessary health guard of people's life.


All MEDAIR Air Treatment Units has been passed with Europe: CE, GS, ROHS, ISO9001, CNAS and IAF. Independent performance testing report to proof the

 purification efficiency.





real time monitoring

medical air treatment unit


Series 601 serve up to 900 ft.2

Series 504 serve up to 600 ft.2


4 Models empower to remove specific air pollutants

ElectroMed / MediaMed

ChemMed / CarbonMed

Permanent Use

(Free of consumable)

Washable Metal

Electrostatic Precipitation

filtration chamber


Style light touch control panel


601 / 504 ElectroMed


601 / 504 MediaMed


601 / 504 ChemMed


601 / 504 CarbonMed

Chamber designed with MEDAIR Metal type Electrostatic Precipitator filter (EP). Need No consumable filter replace. High CADR can provide. High efficiency to remove PM2.5 and PM10 fine dust particles. Effective to remove cigarette smoke particle at 0.01 um. Powerful to kill bacteria and virus, The best choice for extreme hygiene area.           .


Chamber designed with MEDAIR True HEPA Filter, which can remove 99.97% of 0.3 um fine dust particles. Under the international standard requirement, HEPA Filter is a must to design into a HVAC system of hospital. HEPA filter has been proof can effective to remove fine dust particle and airborne bacteria                .


Chamber designed with MEDAIR Honeycomb Metal Catalytic Chemical Filter. Effective to remove most common indoor gas pollutants e.g. TVOC, HCHO, Benzene, Ammonia and smoke smell etc… Long functioning capacity with long replacement lifetime. High air flow capacity for large area use          .


Chamber designed with heavy duty MEDAIR Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter. Powerful and efficient to absorb strong chemical gas and bad odor. Effective for all kind of common indoor chemical and odor. Suit for who request strong and fast air purification. High air flow capacity for large area use.

MEDAIR Professional Air Treatment Unit


601 Series

990 x 425 x 260

H x W x D (mm)

Service up to 900 ft.2







504 Series

625 x 430 x 260

H x W x D (mm)

Service up to 600 ft.2

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